Are you a Civil Society Organisation and is your topic missing? Join On Our Watch!

What can you do
We will invite you to write a review based on your (pledge)campaign or manifesto ahead of the 2014 European elections. It doesn’t have to be long – you can go through all elements in your manifesto or just select a couple. You will then review what has happened in the Parliament on these issues. We hope the review will be as useful for you as for our audience! You can also add votes, add stand-out MEPs, links to your manifesto etc.

Alternatively, you can also write a blog if you are inspired by one of the issues already on our website, want to give your opinion, challenge our analysis, or add something on the political context.

What can you expect
We will put up your review and be in touch about any updates, blogs and communication around it. Since we are working on the basis of co-creation, we invite all partners to engage with the evolvement of this project!