29 September – 1 October 2017
On Our Watch Hackathon

For 48h, activists, journalists, dataviz specialists and coders will gather to dive into the 2014-2017 EP votes data and try to make sense of it!

Why a hackathon?
Because apps and visualizations are always more impactful than raw data and lengthy papers!
Fighting poverty, Transparency, Youth participation, Gender equality… The On Our Watch website offers insights of the work of the EP on many topics, as well as analysis of certain votes. With the hackathon and with you, we would like to further scrutinize the work of the EP in a fun and creative way!

IHECS Academy, Rue des Grands Carmes 27, 1000 Brussels.
Come as you are, with your computer, your skills and your ideas, we will take care of the rest! (food, drinks, wifi, plugs, and fun provided)

How can I join?
Are you a dataviz specialist, coder, journalist, activist or policy specialist?
Register here! Participants will be selected mid-September. For the participants from the activist/policy specialist sector, priority will be given to On Our Watch partners.


30 March 2017
Brussels Launch of the On Our Watch Project
On Our Watch project launched to engage citizens ahead of 2019 elections