Citizen-Centered Budget

The mid-term revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020

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314 votes required to pass.

In its resolution from October 2016, the Parliament called for a “coherent and sustainable EU budget for the remaining years of the current perspective” and highlighted “the need for an EU budget that is more transparent and accessible for European citizens, in order that they may regain trust in the European project.” (Votewatch data)

Key developments

Calls for a better EU budget

Since 2014, civil society organisations have continued to call for a step change in how EU money is spent.

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Inadequate progress towards a sustainable budget

However, as Committees draw their attention to the next EU Budget cycle post 2020, there have been disappointing first signals from the Parliament.

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Sustainable finance and the Juncker Plan

The Parliaments performance on sustainable finance is also revealed by its work on the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), which is the cornerstone of the Investment Plan for Europe (also known as the ‘Juncker Plan.’

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Towards 2019

The new Peoples Budget campaign, gathering across Europe, calls for a rethink of the EU Budget, to ensure it is fully inline with the sustainable development goals, to ensure that it innovates in how it empowers and involves EU citizens in EU spending decisions to build the sustainable economy of well-being.

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