Prior to the 2014 European Elections, Restarting the Future began a campaign and petition aimed at promoting transparency and fighting corruption and organized crime in the EU. Restarting the Future mirrored the efforts of its sister organization in Italy, Riparte il futuro, which leading up to the political elections of February 2013, promoted a petition in Italy which required candidates from all political parties to act transparently and commit to improving Italian anti-corruption laws. More than 900 candidates joined the campaign and 388 of these were elected to the Italian parliament. Based on our success in Italy, we decided to extend this campaign as Restarting the Future for the EU elections in 2014.

As a result, the Restarting the Future campaign and petition focused mainly on asking:

1) MEPs to create a parliamentary Intergroup set up with the objective to fight corruption and organized crime.

2) All MEPs and the proposed Intergroup to promote a European Directive to protect whistleblowers that risk reprisal and retaliation to report wrongdoings and expose corruption.

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Non-binding resolution on effective and comprehensive European whistleblower protection programme (14/02/17)

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Several MEPs from the Intergroup on Integrity, transparency, anti-corruption and Organised Crime, including its co-chair Dennis De Jong and others such as Julia Pitera, Benedek Jávor and Marco Valli in fact spearheaded a resolution in the EU Parliament on February 2017 that the European Commission propose “immediately” an “effective and comprehensive European whistleblower protection programme.” The non-binding resolution was approved and advocated for whisteblower protections mechanisms for companies, public bodies and non-profit organizations.


More than 360 European candidates from 27 European countries joined our campaign and media from all around Europe covered it and its objectives. Our petition was supported by more than 145,000 citizens in the first six months and has now a total of more than 150,000 signatures. We also received encouragement and support from Martin Schulz, the former President of the European Parliament.

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Towards 2019

While we still do not have a European Directive to protect whistleblowers in the EU, Restarting the Future along with its sister organization Riparte il futuro continues to campaign and build public pressure to implement a legislation that protects whistleblowers in the EU in the near future.

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Standout MEPS

Benedek Jávor
Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance

In the parliament, MEP Benedek Jávor has continuously shown support for whistleblowers in Europe. Through personal engagement, plenary votes and organizing events including hosting the seminar “Human Rights and Whistleblowing” on November 2016 along with ITCO co-chair Elly Schlein where three whistleblowers where invited to Parliament to share their stories, he continues to advocate for the implementation of a EU Directive that fully protects whistleblowers against retaliation and prosecution.