State of play of farmland concentration in the EU: how to facilitate the access to land for farmers

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281 votes required to pass.

A report provisionally adopted on 27th April 2017 by the European Parliament makes a specific call on the EU Commission to fight land concentration. (Votewatch data)

ARC2020 and the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Following an inclusive process of gathering reform proposals on the future of the Common Agriculture Policy during one year from a wide range of NGOs and stakeholders, ARC2020 published the “Communication from civil society to the European Institutions on the future Agricultural and rural policy” which was signed by more than 150 organisations and published the same day at which the European Commission published its own reform proposals.

Since the reform of CAP has been approved and implemented in the various member states of the Union, ARC2020 has become an independent NGO. Since then, and coinciding with the new Parliament term, our work has focused on areas while do in some significant ways chime with the Parliament’s themes. We try, through our focus on agroecology, to give both people and nature a more coherent voice.

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Key developments

For ARC2020, the impact of pesticides on CAP supported farm’s ecological focus areas (EFAs), the rapid loss of farmers and farmland, the lack of adequate incentives for young farmers in CAP, fewer farmers via timid legislation on landgrabbing and land concentration all deserve attention - and, all need fixing! Thus, efforts to deal with these topics have been spotlighted:

MEP-led consultations on land access

Progress is being made towards land access – and against land concentration – in the EU, with a consultation by the Finance Directorate General in July 2017. DG FISMA (tasked with Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets in the EU) is conducting a consultation on legal means of regulating access to land in accordance with EU legislation. A key driver in developing the momentum for progress on land access has been Green MEP Maria Heubuch MEP. With this consultation, there is a real opportunity to contribute to access to land for smaller scale farmers.

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Looking forward to 2019

This process of reaching out directly to MEPs during the reform process was a very exciting process, and can be recommended as we are approaching a new reform of CAP and other EU policies after 2019, when a new EP will be elected, and after 2020, when the new Commission will make new proposals for reforms in many EU policies including CAP.

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