With the #EUelections2019 fresh in mind, On Our Watch serves to showcase the civil society demands of the new and upcoming European Parliament, including manifestos and pledge campaigns. As representatives of citizens from across Europe, the demands represented here reflect the main issues Europeans care about and are intended to be presented in an easily accessible way.

Down the line, On Our Watch will become a platform assessing whether MEPs have kept their election promises and whether commitments have lead to concrete actions.

On Our Watch aims to foster discussion and dialogue with citizens on a continuous basis, not just centred around the European elections. Its purpose is twofold: on the one hand, to create a joint platform for civil society organisations, showcasing their demands of the upcoming European Parliament, and whether, or to what extent, parliament has considered those demands, including election manifestos and pledge campaign. On the other hand, to make important information easily accessible to the public and citizens at large.



The On Our Watch Project was initially launched in 2016, right in the half-way through the European Parliament mandate, when several European civil society organisations banded together to reflect on what the European Parliament had achieved, as well as to check on the progress made against politicians’ promises and citizens’ demands during the 2014 EU elections.

The project is developed by an open coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in a participatory way and on the basis of co-creation. The European Movement International, together with the European Youth Forum and Citizens for Europe, have taken the lead in the project development, reaching out to other CSOs to join and provide input into the project as it was in the stages of development.



  • European Women's Lobby
  • Democracy International
  • Transparency International EU
  • Lifelong Learning Platform
  • CESI
  • Mental Health Europe
  • BirdLife
  • Inclusion Europe
  • EDRi
  • Vote For Children Campaign
  • European Environment Bureau
  • NGO Shipbreaking Platform
  • European Disability Forum
  • FERN Europe
  • Slow Food Europe
  • Corporate Europe Observatory
  • European Youth Forum
  • European Student Union
  • European Movement International
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Jesuit Refugee Service

The On Our Watch project brings together Civil Society Organisations working on all kind of topics. As representatives of and in direct contact with citizens, organisations have a strong role to play in holding the European Parliament accountable to the public. By joining forces in the context of the #EUelections2019 (23-26 May), On Our Watch offers a comprehensive overview of the key issues that European citizens care about.

Want to join? Get in touch! Contact: christian.skriverik[@]europeanmovemnt.eu  | Address: Place du Luxembourg 2, B-1050, Brussels | Phone: +32 2 508 30 83